Portrait, Landscape Painter & Old Master Copyist


Old Master Copies – Landscapes – Portraits  


Old Master Copies, reproductions created to Museum standard using premium quality paints and materials on oil-primed linen or canvas, hand-made in London – for sale or commission

Steve Haigh Fine Art 38-a (1980)


Landscape Paintings both traditional and Contemporary – in Oil, Watercolour or pencil sketch, for sale or commission

Steve Haigh Fine Art 28 (web res - 1980px)


Realistic Portraits based on life sketches or from photographs capturing the true likeness of the sitter, for sale or commission

One way of investing money today is to buy a piece of Fine Art. The most challenging task is finding the right piece. Steve Haigh is a Commissioning Portrait Painter and Old Master Copyist, based in Windsor, Berkshire. Steve’s copies are Museum quality reproductions of the Old Masters, Impressionists and 20th Century Art. Having gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Painting at the Royal Academy School of Art  in 1995, Steve has worked on Fine Art Painting Commissions for private clients and is also available for Painting Copyist work in the Film Industry. Steve has exhibited his Portraits and Landscapes at the BP Awards, and the Mall Gallery London, as well as  having the opportunity to study and examine Old Master Paintings at the National Gallery, London

Steve Haigh